CUCCRs 1st birthday

Treasured: Creative Reuse Residency

March 20 – April 6, 2018

March 22, 2018
6-9 pm

VAV Gallery
1395 Blvd Réne-Lévesque 
Montreal, Quebec

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In celebration of the Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR)’s first year of operation, the centre hosted their first annual residency in collaboration with the VAV Gallery. Together, the VAV and CUCCR have selected seven undergraduate fine art student-artists who created innovative works that explore functionality, material practices, and consider the end life of artworks.

Gabrielle Desrosiers


Born in Quebec city in 1986 and graduate from the Theatre School of Saint-Hyacinthe with a degree in Set and Costume Design (2007), Gabrielle has spend several months in Jerusalem at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2017). She is currently ending her studies in Studio Arts at Concordia University. Her installation work was part of SKOOL2016 residency at Centre des arts actuels Skol and she will presented her first solo performance at CIRCA art actuel in September 2018.

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Laura Douglas


Laura was raised on a rural island in Lake Ontario, and live in Montreal, QC, where she is pursuing a BFA at Concordia, having previously completed a BA in English and Environment from McGill University (2014). She makes art about plants, dreams, and the mysterious places where the man-made and natural worlds intersect. Her work is multidisciplinary, using paint, textiles, installation, and often seeds and living plants.

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Roxane Fiore


Currently in the last year of her undergraduate degree in painting and drawing, Roxane is interested in collage as a meeting point between figuration and abstraction. Inspired by chance encounters and poetry, she depicts her view of the world through her multi-layered process, which catalogues the journey of found materials and objects that ultimately end up living together in her charcoal and pastel collage drawings.

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Saba Heravi


Saba was born in Iran in 1989, and she is currently working towards her BFA at Concordia University. Her art practice is concentrated on drawing and printmaking, and occasionally ceramics. Her work is about the idea of home, memory, and identity. In her work objects are as important as the subject to expose the narrative. She has been exhibiting her work in group exhibitions in Montreal.

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Mikaela Kautzky


Born in North Vancouver, Mikaela is currently working towards a BFA in studio art and sustainability at Concordia University in Montreal, QC. She is a multidisciplinary artist primarily working with mediums of paint, installation, photography, collage, performance and design. Imagery in her pieces vary, yet thematically most works all speak to topics of sustainability, waste and connectivity.

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Gabrielle Mulholland


Gabrielle Mulholland is a Print-based multimedia visual artist living in Montreal. Born and raised in Toronto, Gabrielle’s work explores the relationship between humans and environments. With a background in Illustration from OCAD University in Toronto, Gabrielle’s work draws on her Eastern European heritage to explore Western diaspora, archetypes found in folk tales, and the collective unconscious of urban communities.

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Bianca S. Arroyo-Kreimes


Bianca Arroyo-Kreimes (born 1992, Toronto, Canada) is a Montréal-based animator. Her work is concerned with the exploration of one’s self and the divine vestiges of humankind. Bianca often gives herself away to the cadence of various myths in her work in attempt to mediate the liminal space between the numinous and the ordinary.

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