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COMMS Intern 2019-2020

Application Deadline: August 1st, 2019 

Earliest Start date: August 5th, 2019 

Required Hours: 120 hrs per semester (approx. 10 hrs per week)

Send your applications to Anna Timm-Bottos at

Are you interested in living and promoting a zero waste lifestyle? Keen to share your knowledge with others and change the culture of reuse at Concordia? This is for you! 

Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse or CUCCR, is a Concordia wide initiative that collects and diverts usable materials from the university waste-stream, making them available to the Concordia Community in one central location. By carefully sorting and displaying these previously unwanted materials we open up creative possibilities, intersections of imagination and innovation for all. 

Goal of the internship: 

The purpose of this internship is to help maintain and grow Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR)’s online presence, and help share relevant news with our community. As the “Comms” intern you will be responsible for creating a comprehensive communication plan to promote the Centre for Creative Reuse, including content related to the material depot, Tool Library and the SHED. This content may include wayfinding and new messaging about the updated hours and offerings, insights into our daily activities, upcoming projects, partnerships, and other sustainability areas.  

 Learning objectives:

  • Develop interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Apply course content and share knowledge with others
  • Expand communication skills both in person and via social media outreach.
  • Explore online engagement techniques
  • Create content related to daily activities, projects, partnerships, and other sustainability areas.
  • Contribute to a team
  • Promote reuse and other sustainable practices

Related Tasks:

  • Develop a comprehensive media plan for the term. Schedule and publish posts
  • Support the development and promotion of the Centre for Creative Reuse – working to change the culture of reuse on campus
  • Promote, document and archive key activities happening at CUCCR
  • Attend CUCCR events when possible, and document them on Instagram.
  • Depot Presence – be present in the CUCCR space for 2+ hours per week to greet members, check in/check out, sort and display materials and/or other regular depot tasks. 
  • Light sorting, organizing and display of materials in the depot.


  • Basic understanding of social media platforms and communication campaigns
  • Organizational skills and creative problem solving 
  • Self-starter, able to work both independently and with a team
  • Must be enrolled at Concordia as a student (undergraduate or graduate) 


  • Produce new or update the bios on the website for yourself and the team
  • Outreach for new volunteers/interns
  • Develop personal learning objectives for the term
  • Participate in a mid and an end of internship evaluation related to personal learning objectives and deliverables.
  • Monthly newsletter/blog post
  • Final report


  • Metric collection: Keep records on the number of members engaged in posts and online strategies. 
  • Make recommendations for future communications work. 
  • Produce a written report outlining the process, challenges and notes for the future. Please include your timesheet and any noticeable peak periods that should be accounted for.

Personal Learning Objectives and Perks:

Students will identify their own learning objective that is aligned with the overall CUCCR mandate and be supported to access additional resources as needed. These could include topics such as; material life cycle, circular economies, resource sharing and reuse.

Successful applicant will be offered individualized training and access to a computer and making space related to content development,  DIY making, and basic upcycling. Student will also receive a year membership to the Tool Library and be able to work on personal projects in the CUCCR/SHED space during open hours. 

Internship Schedule: CUCCR open hours are currently T, W, TH 1 – 5 pm. Schedule will be decided by the successful candidate and their supervisor but the applicant should consider being present for a number of open hours.