– Circular Economy Intern –

Application Deadline: August 23th 2019

Start date: September 3rd, 2019

Required Hours: 120 hrs per semester (approx. 10 hrs per week)

Send your CV and letter of intent to Anna Timm-Bottos at

Are you interested in living and promoting a zero waste lifestyle? Keen to share your knowledge with others and make stuff using reusable materials? This is for you! 

Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse or CUCCR, is a Concordia wide initiative that collects and diverts usable materials from the university waste-stream, making them available to the Concordia Community in one central location. By carefully sorting and displaying these previously unwanted materials we open up creative possibilities, intersections of imagination and innovation for all. 

This coming fall we are expanding CUCCR’s services to include the SHED making space and Tool Library in addition to our used material depot. This position will focus on the operational side of the SHED making space as well as how it fits within the CUCCR operations.

Goal of Internship:

The goal of the SHED making space internship is to assist in general operations of the space while also conducting self-directed social research into community-based making spaces similar to that of the SHED and CUCCR. This research will consist of general information regarding collective resources as well as insights into the challenges and barriers associated with them. 

This research would provide a framework for actionable changes that could be implemented into the overall CUCCR Tool Library and SHED making space operations. In this sense the SHED intern would both assist in the current operational scheme while creating insights on how collective making spaces and similar types of services can be more efficient and better implemented. 

 Learning objectives:

  • Develop interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Explore new making opportunities and model experimentation 
  • Promote reuse and other sustainable practices
  • Generate low-risk learning opportunities for our community
  • Apply course content and share knowledge with others

Related Tasks:

  • Assist the SHED coordinator with making space operations which includes ensuring members are following safety protocols, assisting members with project problem solving and providing assistance and guidance with tool operation and safety. 
  • Ensure making space tools are organized, clean and in good working condition. 
  • Analyze and research SHED making space operations as well as other similar services with the goal of streamlining operations.
  • Design, plan and Implement changes based on research conducted in accordance with overall CUCCR operations.


  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in tool operation and safety
  • Interest in collective resource sharing, circular economies and reuse
  • Organizational skills and creative problem solving
  • Self-starter, able to work both independently and with a team
    Must be enrolled at Concordia as a student (undergraduate or graduate) 


  • Assist SHED Coordinator during all three open shifts during the fall and winter semesters which would consist of 15-18 hours.
  • Develop three to five personal learning objectives for the term
  • Use remaining hours to conduct analysis and research with the goal of creating an actionable plan for positive changes to the operation of the space.
  • Present self-directed research to CUCCR team in a creative format.
  • Provide recommendations for changes to SHED making space operations using action plan and a scheduled implementation process.
  • Produce or update your bio for our website.
  • Participate in a mid and an end of internship evaluation related to personal learning objectives and deliverables.
  • Final report

Personal Learning Objectives and Perks:

Successful applicant will be offered individualized training and access to workshops related to tool literacy, DIY making, and basic woodworking.  Student will receive a year membership to the Tool Library and be able to work on personal projects in the SHED space during open hours. Students will identify their own learning objective that is aligned with the overall CUCCR mandate and be supported to access additional resources as needed. These could include topics such as; material life cycle, circular economies, resource sharing and reuse.

Internship Schedule: CUCCR open hours are currently T, W, TH 1 – 5 pm. Schedule will be decided upon by the successful candidate and their supervisor but applicant should plan the majority of their hours during open.