Care Package

Dexter Barker-Glenn

Living Things – VAV/CUCCR Residency 2019

I am a Toronto born visual artist working sculpture, painting and experimental video work. Through my art, I attempt to understand my own identity and accept it as both a singular state and as a combination of many states. I often incorporate organizational structures such as cabinets of curiosity, three-ring binders and manila folders into my work. I identify with these objects as they are both a single object and an assemblage of many objects. I hope to show the beauty in these structures while drawing attention to their power to shape our feelings towards the objects they contain.

Project description:

Through playful interventions with shipping materials, the Care Package Series puts a spotlight on these often discarded, yet powerful objects. The sculptures are made from used plywood and styrofoam packaging; materials that don’t only protect the objects they transport, but add to their value by insinuating that they are important enough to be protected. Similarly, the work and care in my manipulation of these materials change their value by implying that they are worthy of being cared for. These objects have gone through two journeys. They have literally moved from place A to place B, but also have journeyed from functioning as a case or frame to functionally protecting the ‘thing’ to becoming ‘the thing’ itself

Dexter Barker-GlennCare Package