A Practice in Grief

Sadie Mallon

Living Things – VAV/CUCCR Residency 2019

Sadie uses her interdisciplinary practice to dissect our relations to birth, sex and death. An eco-feminist approach is employed as Sadie makes bold connections between our treatment of human experience and the natural world. Tackling the unappealing nature of relations with care, Sadie puts forth a request to change the way we relate to one another and the earth.

Project description:

For centuries, artists have strived to create archival works that will outlive them. Derived from the belief that our fear of death and loss are a common motivator behind creating archival or single-use works, “A Practice in Grief” seeks to face these fears by emphasizing death’s crucial role in producing new life. “A Practice in Grief” takes the cycle of life and applies it conceptually and literally to material forms, in hopes of inspiring artists to be more environmentally conscious in their practices.

“A Practice in Grief” consists of a series of graphite drawings on handmade papers of the artist’s body amidst scenes of birth, life and death as witnessed in nature. Discarded papers were salvaged, soaked, blended with natural colour agents (turmeric/dirt) and laced with indigenous to Montreal plant seeds. At the end of the piece’s life in the VAV Gallery, the artist will bury this fully compostable piece, from which the seeds embedded within the paper, will grow.

Sadie MallonA Practice in Grief