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Maude Lauzière Dumas

Maude Lauzière Dumas

Living Things – VAV/CUCCR Residency 2019

Living and working in Montreal, Maude Lauziere Dumas, visual artist, focuses on materiality through a multidisciplinary practice. Wanting to explore the links between raw materials and their industrial transformation, she first explores jewelry as her way of expression. Her practice evolves slowly towards an artistic approach questioning the object in relation to the human body and the fabricated. She is currently pursuing her training in sculpture at Concordia University.

Vivant et travaillant à Montréal, Maude Lauziere Dumas, artiste en arts visuels, se concentre sur la matérialité à travers une pratique multidisciplinaire. Voulant explorer les liens entre les matières naturelles et leur transformation industrielle, elle explore premièrement la joaillerie comme moyen d’expression. Sa pratique évolue tranquillement vers une approche artistique questionnant l’objet en relation avec le corps humain et le fabriqué. Elle poursuit actuellement sa formation en sculpture à l’Université Concordia.

Project description:

Delivery Matter Project is an installation offering a reflection on the ontology of matter. This principle questioning the notion of living leads to seeing “things” as animated subjects. Shaking our anthropocentric conceptions of the world, the work attempts to deconstruct the idea that matter is uniform and inert. The assemblages presented visits the notions of agency and their capacity of self-organization in the space. Material phenomena are studied by the artistic gesture to have a better understanding of the interdependence of human and nonhuman matters in relation to their environment.

This artist residency allows me to develop my understanding of the existing interrelationships between materials and society. Serving as a roundabout, the physical location of the recuperation center gives power to the substances and glamorize their presence. The created artwork thus supports this desire to see the material and human identities as a whole, open to different processes of social, cultural and political transformation.


Matter Delivery Project est une installation proposant une réflexion sur l’ontologie de la matière. Ce principe questionnant la notion du vivant amène à voir les « choses » comme des sujets animés. Ébranlant nos conceptions anthropocentriques du monde, l’œuvre tente de déconstruire l’idée que la matière est uniforme et inerte. Les assemblages présentés permettent ainsi de visiter les notions d’agentivité et leur capacité d’auto-organisation dans l’espace. Les phénomènes matériels sont étudiés par le geste artistique pour mieux comprendre l’interdépendance des matières humaines et non humaines en relation avec leur environnement.

Cette résidence d’artiste me permet de développer ma compréhension des interrelations entre matériaux et société. Servant de carrefour giratoire, le lieu physique du centre de récupération redonne du pouvoir aux substances et valorisent leur présence. L’œuvre crée soutient ainsi ce désir de voir les identités matérielles et humaines comme un tout, ouvert aux différents processus de transformation sociales, culturelles et politiques.

Maude Lauzière DumasMatter Delivery

Maya Jain

I am a multidisciplinary artist, designer and evolving person. Though my passions are scattered across disciplines, I am consistently guided by emotion and resonance with aesthetics and philosophy.

Project description

The body of work that I have created as part of the CUCCR x VAV residency is a personal exploration that uncovers the remarkable potential of used clothing.

Living Things

Living Things
VAV/CUCCR Residency 2019

A new sense of care is given to the physical as Living Things reconsiders the relationship between the artist and their chosen materials. Living Things is the culmination of a three-month-long artist residency created in collaboration between the VAV Gallery and Concordia’s Center for Creative Reuse (CUCCR). Eight undergraduate Fine Arts students were selected to create works that consider life-after-art, giving old materials a new raison d’être, with objects primarily sourced from Concordia University’s waste stream.

In celebration of the Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR)’s second year of operation, CUCCR and the VAV Gallery will be hosting the vernissage on Monday, March 25th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The exhibition runs until March 29th.

VAV Gallery is wheelchair accessible 

VAV Gallery
1395 Rene Levesque W.

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Sustainability Artist Talk and Workshop at the VAV Gallery
March 28th
5-7:30 pm
VAV Gallery
1395 Rene Levesque W.

Exhibiting Artists

CUCCR Residency at the VAV
Winter 2019

Deadline to submit: Friday November 30th at 11:59pm

The VAV Gallery and Concordia University’s Center for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) are teaming up again to provide this collaborative residency opportunity for Fine Art Undergraduate Students.

The art residency will focus on transforming old into new and showing the dynamic potential for reuse and repurposing of materials. Selected artists will be invited to spend time this winter creating works, which will culminate in a group exhibition at the VAV Gallery.

Participants will have access to CUCCR’s materials. They will also be able to source materials from elsewhere, with attention to the aims of reuse and sustainability.

Artists may submit proposals for projects in any medium.
Projects that engage with reused materials through unconventional means -such as new media and performance- are welcomed.

Note that the projects created from this residency are open to any concepts or themes.
Any style or approach is welcomed!

The residency will last two months during which the artists chosen will create new works and end with a one week long exhibition (March 18th -March 22nd) at the VAV Gallery. There will be a Vernissage on March 22.

Apply on the VAV Gallery website

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Lana Galbraith

was a humanities student and although the focus of her studies was mainly rooted in topics that did not directly touch sustainability, Lana interned at CUCCR in the fall of 2017. Lana said that the internship allowed her to develop a personal and professional interest outside of her academic experiences.

Cass Brennan

is currently a second year drama therapy masters student. She thoroughly enjoys the many collaborations CUCCR facilitates, as she also works at the Concordia Art Hive. Her artistic practice is deeply connected to creative reuse and the exciting discoveries reclaimed materials can bring. Cass’s favourite CUCCR find are old garbage bins that she converted into self watering planters.

Scarlet Fountain

is a theatre undergraduate and sustainability ambassador. Her goal is to create and promote sustainable systems and initiatives to disrupt the wasteful and often harmful practices of consumer society. She joined the CUCCR team in October of 2017 and assisted with the 2018 residence reclaimathon. Scarlet has led paper making workshops and even made her own press from CUCCR material! Her favourite CUCCR find are the 35 mm film reels, which she used as part of a theatre production she directed set in an old independent movie theatre.

Yannick Victor

has also completed two year of his BFA in Studio Arts and first heard of CUCCR in a sculpture class. Now a depot volunteer, Yannick spends one day a week at CUCCR, giving back to the community both in and out of Concordia. At the end of the winter semester (2018), Yannick acted as a liaison and helped organise the Reclaimathon in the sculpture studio. There he had direct impact on continuing the life cycle of materials and diverting good raw reusable stuff from the landfill. His favourite CUCCR finds are white shampoo bottles.

Mikaela Kautzky

has completed two years of her BFA in Studio Arts (although switching into design) and minoring in diversity and the contemporary world with the Loyola college of sustainability. Mikaela, a zero-waste art kook, spent the fall of 2017 volunteering at CUCCR and winter 2018 creating an installation for the CUCCRxVAV Residency using discarded filing folders, titled “Rest in Peace Phil Folderino”. *

Madelyn Capozzi

is a design student and completed an independent study with CUCCR in the fall of 2017. Maddy is interested in waste-reduction and strives to live a zero-waste life! She helped CUCCR through writing, graphic design, and cross-pollination with other waste-focused student groups. Maddy’s favourite CUCCR find is a silkscreen and she will cross the street for a nice enough pile of trash.