CUCCR Artist Residency Call-Out 2020

We are so EXCITED to open the call for CUCCR’s 3rd annual Artist in Residence for 2020! This year we are partnering with the Art Matters Festival and will be included in their 2020 festival programming!

Residency dates: March 4th-28th

Deadline: December 2nd 11:59 pm



Art Matters is a platform for exhibiting students’ work and encouraging exchanges between artists. Art Matters brings art out of the studio and into the city. The festival takes place in March 2020 in galleries across the city, our show will be from March 7th – 28th in the VAV Gallery. All “art” matters and the festival encourages the inclusion of traditional and non-traditional visual arts mediums, installation, new media, performance, music, film, dance, literary arts, and so on. We are accepting applications from undergrad students from across all academic faculties so if you are an artist/maker but not in the Faculty of Fine Arts you can apply too!

Concordia University’s Center for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) is dedicated to diverting usable materials from inside Concordia’s waste-stream and offering them to the general community free of cost. This waste diversion project is having big impacts on campus, not only by making materials available for free to everyone but also by changing the culture of sustainability and reuse across campus and beyond. This year we would like to reach out to artists and makers that are not only using reused materials, and thinking about their practice through a more sustainable lense and interested in sharing that message with others. This year the 8-10 artists selected will be encouraged to put on at least one public engagement opportunity/intervention that can help continue the conversation around a more sustainable world. This idea will be refined and developed over the course of the residency with collaboration and mentorship with the CUCCR team, in partnership with an Art Matters’ Facilitator.

Participants will have access to CUCCR’s materials and team in order to create innovative works that explore care in material practices, and consciousness for the Earth. Concordia students from any department, working in any medium are encouraged to participate.

The Residency will last three months (December-February) during which the artists chosen will create works that expand their current practice and facilitate workshops and skillshares related to their work. The residency will end with a three-week-long exhibition (March 7-28) at the VAV Gallery, as part of the Art Matters Festival.

For documentation of past residencies, please check out


+ Applicants must be undergraduate students at Concordia University for at least one semester of the 2019-20 year. Part-time students are eligible.
+ Students from all departments are encouraged to apply but will not be considered if they have opted-out of the Art Matters fee-levey or if they have already participated in a past CUCCR artist residency.
+ Selected artists will receive a 75.00$ honorarium.

Want to learn more about Art Matters and CUCCR or have some questions about the Artist Residency Call-out? Contact us at or at

Application Form Questions

1. Please provide us with a brief proposal, outlining your intentions, ideas any background
information. (200-300 words)

2. Art that is environmental in subject isn’t necessarily sustainable. Sustainable art does not
necessarily need to speak to the environment, though it must consider the environmental
impact of making.
Please reflect on the following questions:
○ Where do your materials come from and how were they made?
○ Where will your project go after the show?
○ What labour went into the making of your materials?
○ What can others learn from you and your practice?

3. Please explain how your proposed project will explore and take into account these important
questions. (200-300 words)

4. Art Matters recognizes and welcomes the unique contributions that individuals from
marginalized and oppressed communities bring to our organization, and invites these
individuals to apply. We encourage applicants to describe the unique contributions they, as
individuals with diverse experiences, would bring to Art Matters. (optional, 300 words or

5. Please describe your project proposal. This should include a description of the work and your
plan for its execution. (200-300 words)

6. If you are selected, you will be asked to spark a public intervention to help us change the
culture of sustainability at Concordia. This could take the form of workshop, community
discussion, guerilla art postering, etc.. Here are some things to consider:
○ What do you wish others knew about the way materials are used?
○ How can you impact or change your community to become more sustainable?
○ What are some ways that culture changes, what responsibilities do artists have?
○ What barriers are present in our current society that prevent a more careful approach
to making?

7. Please contribute a tip, wish or concern about making your practice or department more
sustainable. (100-200 words)