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Andressa Mendes Amorim

Is a second-year student in political science who is interested in creating a more
sustainable world. Andressa first joined CUCCR as a sustainability ambassador and
really became amazed by the impact that a project like CUCCR can have in a
community. She has been hired as a reuse depot assistant in the fall semester of 2019. Her
goals are to combine her knowledge on political science and International Relations with
the dream of creating a more sustainable world.

CUCCR Residency at the VAV
Winter 2019

Deadline to submit: Friday November 30th at 11:59pm

The VAV Gallery and Concordia University’s Center for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) are teaming up again to provide this collaborative residency opportunity for Fine Art Undergraduate Students.

The art residency will focus on transforming old into new and showing the dynamic potential for reuse and repurposing of materials. Selected artists will be invited to spend time this winter creating works, which will culminate in a group exhibition at the VAV Gallery.

Participants will have access to CUCCR’s materials. They will also be able to source materials from elsewhere, with attention to the aims of reuse and sustainability.

Artists may submit proposals for projects in any medium.
Projects that engage with reused materials through unconventional means -such as new media and performance- are welcomed.

Note that the projects created from this residency are open to any concepts or themes.
Any style or approach is welcomed!

The residency will last two months during which the artists chosen will create new works and end with a one week long exhibition (March 18th -March 22nd) at the VAV Gallery. There will be a Vernissage on March 22.

Apply on the VAV Gallery website

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