Category: Coordinators

Arrien Weeks

The man with the plan, is currently pursuing his masters in art education and doubling as CUCCR’s depot coordinator. Arrien took Anna’s dream and made it a reality by thinking on his toes. Arrien claims CUCCR has sprinkled his nifty building and sustainable design practice with creativity, finding new ways to incorporate used material. Other than physically building the depot space from the ground up, Arrien leads CUCCR’s workshops and skillshares while collecting material across campus for the depot space. His favourite CUCCR find are canvases abandoned and undervalued by art students.

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Anna Timm-Bottos

Founder and project coordinator of CUCCR dreamed of creating a stronger zero-waste community of ‘imaginative and informed reclaimers’ at Concordia. CUCCR was informed by Anna’s art education masters thesis (2017), which looks at similar projects in Toronto and Winnipeg. Anna organises most things CUCCR, from friend-raising and fundraising, internships, volunteers and artist residencies, skillshares and DIY events, to the day to day administrative work of the project. Anna’s favourite CUCCR finds have been old glass slides retrieved from the Geography department, along with some vintage climate maps of Africa from the 50’s that are currently hanging in her living room.

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