Category: Volunteers

Cass Brennan

is currently a second year drama therapy masters student. She thoroughly enjoys the many collaborations CUCCR facilitates, as she also works at the Concordia Art Hive. Her artistic practice is deeply connected to creative reuse and the exciting discoveries reclaimed materials can bring. Cass’s favourite CUCCR find are old garbage bins that she converted into self watering planters.

Yannick Victor

has also completed two year of his BFA in Studio Arts and first heard of CUCCR in a sculpture class. Now a depot volunteer, Yannick spends one day a week at CUCCR, giving back to the community both in and out of Concordia. At the end of the winter semester (2018), Yannick acted as a liaison and helped organise the Reclaimathon in the sculpture studio. There he had direct impact on continuing the life cycle of materials and diverting good raw reusable stuff from the landfill. His favourite CUCCR finds are white shampoo bottles.

Mikaela Kautzky

has completed two years of her BFA in Studio Arts (although switching into design) and minoring in diversity and the contemporary world with the Loyola college of sustainability. Mikaela, a zero-waste art kook, spent the fall of 2017 volunteering at CUCCR and winter 2018 creating an installation for the CUCCRxVAV Residency using discarded filing folders, titled “Rest in Peace Phil Folderino”. *