CUCCR Coordinators

Anna Timm-Bottos

Founder and project coordinator of CUCCR dreamed of creating a stronger zero-waste community of ‘imaginative and informed reclaimers’ at Concordia. CUCCR was informed by Anna’s… Read more

Arrien Weeks

The man with the plan, is currently pursuing his masters in art education and doubling as CUCCR’s depot coordinator. Arrien took Anna’s dream and made… Read more

Current Work-study Staff

Andressa Mendes Amorim

Is a second-year student in political science who is interested in creating a more sustainable world. Andressa first joined CUCCR as a sustainability ambassador and… Read more

Current Interns

Madelyn Capozzi

is a design student and completed an independent study with CUCCR in the fall of 2017. Maddy is interested in waste-reduction and strives to live… Read more


Cass Brennan

is currently a second year drama therapy masters student. She thoroughly enjoys the many collaborations CUCCR facilitates, as she also works at the Concordia Art Hive. Her artistic practice is deeply connected to creative reuse and the exciting discoveries reclaimed materials can bring. Cass’s favourite CUCCR find are old garbage… Read more

Mikaela Kautzky

has completed two years of her BFA in Studio Arts (although switching into design) and minoring in diversity and the contemporary world with the Loyola college of sustainability. Mikaela, a zero-waste art kook, spent the fall of 2017 volunteering at CUCCR and winter 2018 creating an installation for the CUCCRxVAV… Read more

Yannick Victor

has also completed two year of his BFA in Studio Arts and first heard of CUCCR in a sculpture class. Now a depot volunteer, Yannick spends one day a week at CUCCR, giving back to the community both in and out of Concordia. At the end of the winter semester… Read more

Past Interns

Lana Galbraith

was a humanities student and although the focus of her studies was mainly rooted in topics that did not directly touch sustainability, Lana interned at CUCCR in the fall of 2017. Lana said that the internship allowed her to develop a personal and professional interest outside of her academic experiences. Read more

Scarlet Fountain

is a theatre undergraduate and sustainability ambassador. Her goal is to create and promote sustainable systems and initiatives to disrupt the wasteful and often harmful practices of consumer society. She joined the CUCCR team in October of 2017 and assisted with the 2018 residence reclaimathon. Scarlet has led paper making… Read more

Caroline Alince

studies Art Education and initially got involved with CUCCR through Sustainable Concordia and the University’s larger sustainability network. Concerned by the lack of compost and general sustainability in Grey Nuns, Caroline interned at CUCCR throughout the winter 2018 semester. Caroline helped organize the Residence Reclaimathon, during which students moving out… Read more

Chloё Lalonde

is an anthropology and art education student who joined CUCCR as a depot volunteer in March 2017. Chloë is now CUCCR Project Archivist, documenting all things CUCCR in our very own volunteer handbook. She has written profiles of the artists in the CUCCRxVAV Residency in The Concordian as assistant arts… Read more

Harry Heighington

is currently a student in the geography and urban planning department with a passion for sustainability and making. Through his time as a depot volunteer at CUCCR, Harry developed the SHED project, which looks reduce waste by providing alternatives to traditional consumerism that promote tool literacy and other hands-on and… Read more